Check On My Credit

Better Scores Lower Rates More Approvals


Determining the errors and investigating.


Resolving & procedure to better credit.


Creating approach & strategy to succeed.


Your own personal Adviser

We listen to you; tell us your desires, plans and needs.

We start by structuring a strategy to achieve your goals.

You get an interactive system guiding you through the process.

Getting Started

Step 1

Request account to upload your credit report for free review.

Step 2

Go purchase your Credit Report.

Step 3

Login and upload your Credit Report into your File Vault.

Step 4

Adviser will contact you to review your Credit Report.

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Our Approach

Technology combined with Education!


Knowledge based solution driven software to rehabilitate personal credit. 24/7 secure access with Phone, Tablet & PC with Live Adviser communication.


In addition you will receive a detailed "Goal-Plan" including Tasks, Educational Courses & Videos with guided support to steer you thru the process.

Adviser Assistance

Plans Offered

The reason that 95% won't achieve their maximum borrowing potential or resolve their credit issues is that they don't know how and they don't know why.

Your reason of "How and Why" can become the catalyst to get a One-On-One plan with an Adviser in process.

We can provide the "How" by disputing your credit. For your "Why" our Advisers help you by providing the knowledge, tools and plan needed to obtain your goals.

Connect, educate, take action and gain support using our specialized system designed for resolution.


Cost: No Charge

Assessment of credit using your Credit Report.

Personnel Credit Help

Cost: $150

Analyzing credit, Submitting investigations (two rounds of disputes) to all credit bureaus to correct the correctable [90 days], Formulating an interactive action plan in your online portal, Providing over 25 Video and Educational Workshops covering all areas of home buying and credit, plus building a settlements plan. [Includes comparing results of disputes after 90 days to see if any settlements are needed]

Debt Settlement

Cost: $50 if not enrolled $150

Negotiation with debt collectors starting at 30% of the original amount owed and building a plan to save for settlement of negotiated derogatory accounts. Sending in all paid receipts into the credit bureaus to report paid possibly deleted. Allow 30-60 days for settlement phase; online File Vault for corresponding documents. [Includes Workshop understanding how Debt Settlement works]

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Personal Credit

flat-fee approach

Credit Report

  • Obtain a Credit Report & upload into your File Vault for credit expert analysis
  • Software will do the actual disputing of your credit file that will detect, correct and or delete inaccurate items
  • To define your hopes and dreams we use an online fact finder. Adviser will study to conclude a path to success

Goal Plan

  • A tailor made detailed Goal Plan creating Task and daily To-Do-Lists you will need to execute
  • Throughout the process educating you on the subsequent plight of credit with our workshops
  • Negotiating verified owed debt; needed to be paid or settled at a discount for adverse accounts
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