FAQ’s about Personnel Credit Module

First you have to have a credit report on file to dispute. You can purchase a credit report from myFICO.com which will include 29 FICO different credit scores (yes there are that many scoring models we will educate you on the difference of each) from all three credit bureaus; Trans Union, Experian and Equifax for $29.95 per month with credit analyzer.
Your Adviser will determine what actions should be taken. Our proprietary credit analysis will give you an in-depth look at your credit. Showing you what accounts will be included in the dispute and why.
The goal is to get the old, erroneous, inaccurate information deleted from your credit report to improve your credit score.
Over the years with the transformation in the industry we envisioned a need for Advisers. Helping people understand the changes in financial instruments issued by banks, credit cards, mortgages and other financial institutions. Many may come to realize that what used to be standard knowledge is no longer the norm and need some guidance. Our Advisers that make up this new program have been versed on these dramatic changes.
Federal Law allows Credit Bureaus and Data Furnisher (creditors) time to complete investigations. If investigation does not yield desired results an alternative plan to resolve has to be implemented.
Your credit will immediately be disputed electronically to Trans Union, Equifax and Experian credit bureaus e-oscar automated system.
Experian, Equifax and Trans Union may send you letters to inform you that your credit is being verified and dispute is in-process.
You can track the progress with your myFICO alerts and/or App. Alerts will happen as changes on your credit report occur. When you have a subscription you will be able to get a new 3 bureau credit report (at No Cost) with all FICO scores again at the end of the 120 days.
Login regularly to your myFICO account or download the App for daily notices and alerts. Your Adviser will have also created you a Goal Plan with daily To-Do-List.
All of them! What ever the Credit Analysis shows to recommend disputing.
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