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How SaaS Works A (do it yourself) program. Software analysis that examines your credit report identifies inaccuracies and errors and disputes to all credit bureaus. Click Here to see How Software Works
Get an Adviser You may decide that the DIY is not that easy. For those wanting assistance we have created an adviser program to help those desiring detailed help. Adviser Details Tailor Made Credit Plan
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Software as a Service

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Connect from Mobile Phone, Tablet or Web and review your Credit Report, Analysis, Disputed Accounts and Compare your Results for $49.
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The SaaS Features

Creditxp Credit Analysis™ Automatically scans and examines your credit report using Creditxp advanced technology providing you with potential errors and improvements to be made on accounts. Identifies inaccuracies and erroneous accounts giving you the best combinations of actions to maximize your credit score.

Creditxp Credit Comparison™ Once you have disputed your credit report knowing what has been removed and updated can be very difficult. Our proprietary comparison program allows you to purchase a new credit report which automatically compares the old report to the new report showing you exactly what was corrected.

Creditxp Rapid Dispute™ Credit dispute is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) at the click of a button! On-line electronic dispute of your COMPLETE credit file disputing to all major credit bureaus.

Negotiation Settlement Letters™ Once your dispute is completed you may have valid collections. Use the pre-populated settlement letters to negotiate a settlement. 80% Less than original amount owed.


Here is what will transpire during your Dispute Investigation.

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